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Automation, Control, CNC

Rhino Motion Controls is a brand for industrial grade products suitable for a variety of motion control. They provide end solution for motion control and also products related to motion control solutions in India. Robokits has partnered with Rhino Motion Controls (www.rhinomc.com) and is a only official dealer of their products in India.

Featured Products - Automation, Control, CNC

Nema23 High Torque Encoder DC Servo Motor 200RPM with Step/Dir Drive

DC Servo motor 24V 100W with 2000 PPR encoder

₹2,800  ₹2,550
Save: 9% off
Nema23 High Torque Encoder DC Servo Motor 200RPM w/ UART/I2C/PPM Drive

High Torque DC Geared Motor 200RPM with Driver

₹1,650  ₹1,250
Save: 24% off

Micro-Stepping Stepper Motor Drive 15-50V 5Amp

₹2,400  ₹1,900
Save: 21% off
NEMA34 Stepper Motor 45Kgcm Torque with RMCS-1101 Drive

₹7,900  ₹5,750
Save: 27% off

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