Multirotor Spare Parts

Multirotors are 2,3,4,6 or 8 rotor aircrafts which are aerodynamically imbalanced. They need a flight controller to balance them with help of multiple sensors. Ideally only gyroscopes on 3 axis are required but to get more control and functions today's flight controllers are equipped with Gyros, Accelerometers(Level), Magnetometer(Heading/direction), Barometer(Altitude), GPS (Position control and navigation) etc. They also need to have radio control (transmitter and receiver) to control various functions of aircraft manually and Li-Po battery for power supply. 

Optional accessories are bluetooth or telemetry system to communicate with host controller or ground station, Optical flow sensor for stability, Sonar for auto take off, landing and hovering at fixed lower altitudes, Voltage and current measurement system for flight time estimation and battery monitoring, GPS for position control and way point navigation, Camera mounts and gimbals for aerial photography and inspection and many other for performance improvement.

At Robokits we are trying to provide reliable and economic spare parts for multi rotors.