About Us

WWW.ROBOKITS.CO.IN is operated and owned by Dazzle Robotics Pvt. Ltd.

Robokits India is the first Robotics Online shop and  an established business since 2007 having more than 1 Lac registered customers on the online portal www.robokits.co.in. We have maintained our reputation by giving prompt service and wide range of products to our customers. Robokits today has capacity to ship out over 300 orders in a day and we are working on increasing our capabilities to reach to more customers. Robokits is now having more than 9000Sqft facility of their own with a pick and place line for manufacturing. Robokits team having more than 50 Employees striving hard to serve our customers in all ways possible. www.robokits.co.in is operated & owned by Dazzle Robotics Private Limited. 

Robokits India is also a fast growing research, development and assembly house with its own online sales front, store front and sales distribution network for robotic products. Robokits India was founded in 2007 and is currently based in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

The goal of Robokits India is to develop efficient and cost effective electronics solutions for robotic applications that may be used in industrial application, hobby applications, educational purposes and use in various other research and development efforts.

The companies core management team consists of three robotics engineers with past entrepreneurship experience.