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Arduino Uno R3 based USB 18 Servo Controller


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Arduino Uno R3 based USB 18 Servo Controller is ideal for making Autonomous and PC based systems which run over Hobby Servo motors. The software helps to develop the complex sequences in real time on the hardware like robotic arms, walkers, bipeds and any other servo controlled system. It also generates Arduino based code for the developed sequence which can be deployed on the controller on board thereby making the robot autonomous.


The compact module measures just 80 mm X 47 mm, and it offers both USB and asynchronous serial (UART) connectivity. No features are compromised for the small size, as our USB controller supports independent speed and range settings for each servo while delivering 0.5-microsecond resolution for smooth output across its broad output pulse range of 500 through 2500 microseconds.



Servo motor configurations like Center, Offsets, Maximum, Minimum, servo directions and speed can be individually set. The servo configurations set can be saved to the on board controller. Additionally servo sequence functions can be created through software itself. Moreover Groups of servos can be rotated simultaneously for creating accurate and easy angular movements.



The board holds two chips configured as Master and Slave. Major servo motor positioning and servo related calculations are done by the salve chip. The Master chip i.e. Atmega 328 which is preloaded with Arduino Uno bootloader communicates with the software serially and send commands to the slave chip through I2C making the Master cpu available for other tasks. Various sensor and wireless devices like TSOP-1738 etc can be interfaced with the master making the robot wirelessly controlled.



When installed, the USB servo controller appears as a serial port to the host computer. Programming is therefore as easy as sending commands to a serial port, and as an added benefit, the servo controller is compatible with many existing programs. The servo controller is compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 standards, and driver support will initially be available for Windows 98 through Windows 8.



With its dual USB and UART interface, the servo controller can at first be used with a PC to quickly develop motion sequences with the advantage of graphical interfaces and quick program changes.


This Robokits Arduino Uno R3 based USB 18 Servo Controller provides one of the most simple, small, and economical alternatives to standard serial servo controllers.


  • Control 18 hobby servos from PC and Microcontroller
  • USB interface
  • Comes Pre-loaded Arduino Uno bootloader
  • Software exports servo sequences to Arduino Uno for running servo sequences
  • Independent range setting for each servo
  • Independent offset, Maximum, Minimum and Direction setting for each servo
  • 0.5-microsecond resolution
  • 50 Hz update rate
  • Small size of 80 X 47 mm
  • Plug and Play, Auto detection of hardware
  • Easy to use software
  • Servo sequencer with speed, delay, goto and many other features
  • Home and neutral position setting
  • Easy to install USB driver and Application software


USB 18 Servo Controller Software
USB Servo Controller Manual
Sample Program for Servo Controller Software

Arduino Uno R3 based USB 18 Servo Controller
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Arduino Uno R3 based USB 18 Servo Controller is ideal for making Autonomous and PC based systems which run over Hobby Servo motors. The software helps to develop
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