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Wireless RF Serial Link 865-869MHz 2KM range


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Model : WIR-1186
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The WIR-1186 module is a low-power wireless communication solution that is ideal for Smart Grid, home automation, smart lighting, industrial sensor data acquisition and remote control applications. This module integrates RF69, an extremely low-power sub-GHz transceiver, an MCU for wireless network control, data handling and hardware interface, a PCB antenna and matching circuitry.

Right out- of-the-box this module supports simple point-to-multipoint serial communication over-the-air. It has a small 24mm x 36mm form-factor for easy integration.

This module operates at 865MHz - 869MHz band and has 5 channel options. It can offer up to 2 kilometers* over the air range and even more if modules configured as repeaters are used.

It should be connected to any 3.3V TTL/CMOS logic serial RXD and TXD lines and can support baud-rate of 9600bps to 115200bps.


  • RF center frequency of 865MHz to 869MHz (can be modified for other bands)
  • Small 24mm x 36mmx3mm form factor. Can fit into almost anything.
  • Standard UART interface with hardware flow-control (Clear-to-Send CTS) for long data packet handling
  • Easy to integrate into current devices that support RS-485, RS-232, RS-422 or 3.3V TTL serial data
  • Compatible to 3.3V power-supply and interface only.
  • Integrated efficient PCB antenna
  • Listen-before-talk and random back-off algorithm
  • 16bit node address and 16bit network address
  • Acknowledgement based point-to-point communication with data hopping over repeaters
  • Settable channels, baud-rate, air-data rate and RF transmit power
  • Configurable parameters, signal-strength limit, ack timeout, network and point address
  • In build trasnparent 128-bit AES encryption with configurable key
  • Up to 2Kilometers outdoor open air node-to-node range
  • Ultra low power Sleep Mode


  1. GND
  2. VCC 3.3V DC
  3. PROG
  4. TXD - module input
  5. RXD - module output
  6. CTS- clear to send module output


  • Wireless telemetry for transmitting meter readings, sensor data
  • Remote control applications with fast response requirements
  • Wireless Home Networking applications
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network topologies
  • Wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and other wireless user interface devices
  • Wireless data logging applications
  • Audience response systems
  • Smart Grid systems
  • Home Automation Systems

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Wireless 865-869MHz Serial Link Manual

Wireless RF Serial Link 865-869MHz 2KM range
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The WIR-1186 module is a low-power wireless communication solution that is ideal for Smart Grid, home automation, smart lighting, industrial sensor data acquisiti
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