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Tutorials & Projects

USB-Serial Driver Installation - Tutorial for installation of drivers of all our USB devices based on PL2303HX USB to UART IC.

Rhino Robot Control Board Basics Tutorial - Basic tutorial which shows basic functionalities of Rhino Robot Control Board and Quick C IDE software

How to make a Wired Remote Controlled Robot - Tutorial for making a wired remote control robot with Rhino Board.

How To Make A Manual IR RC5 Remote Controlled Robot - Tutorial for building a wireless IR Remote controlled Robot which is controlled by a normal TV remote control which has RC5 output. It also shows how to use all switches of remote control for different functionalities.

How to make a Wireless PS2 Remote Controlled Robot - Make an advanced remote controlled robot with PlayStation 2 wireless game controller and Rhino Board. This tutorial also shows how to connect and control servo motors with Rhino Robot Control Board.

How to make a PC USB controlled Wired Robot - Make a robot which is controlled by PC commands. This tutorial also includes a Visual Basic 6 source code. This tutorial's aim is not to just control a robot, after following this tutorial you can modify the programs and control various devices through PC and Rhino Robot Control Board.

How to make a PC controlled Wireless Robot - An improvement to thr previous tutorial for wireless control of robots and devices. With few modifictions Rhino Board could be used to control multiple devices wirelessly through PC. It could also be used to monitor sensors and log data.

 How to make a Bluetooth based Android - Touch and Tilt controlled wireless Robot  - Make a robot which is controlled by a Android smartphone or tablet having Bluetooth. See how you can use your mobile or tablet's accelerometer and touch screen to control your robot wirelessly.


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