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Robocon 2020 Suva, Fiji

Robocon is an International Competition organized by ABU ( Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) . This competition is based on various themes  in which two robots, one manual and one autonomous is used to complete a certain set of tasks. The contestants in the competition are undergraduate students who need significant expertise in the fields of Mechanical, Electronics and Software Engineering to accomplish the given tasks. 


TheABU Robocon 2020 Suva contest is to play rugby 7’s game using two robots and five obstacles as five defending players. The highlight of this game is how the two robots collaborate to score Try and the Goal Kick. The main and unique challenge of this game will be Goal Kick, kicking the Kick Ball over the cross bar of the conversion post because of the unique shape of the rugby ball. The audience will be fascinated if the robot made all the Goals successfully. We are looking forward to witnessing exciting games of unique robots built by the young budding engineers in Suva, Fiji. Based on this concept, ABU Robocon 2020 Suva is designed to promote the idea of “Rugby 7’s”. 


Download the Robocon 2020 Suva, Fiji Theme and Rules PDF here : https://robokits.co.in/downloads/Robocon_2020_Fiji_RULE-V6_RobokitsCoIn.pdf


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