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Serial 16x2 Character LCD


My Five stars to this product...was looking for this everywhere, a Serial UART LCD which can be used for debugging purposes...very nice product with a very good Datasheet having the commands explained well enough....

I used Arduino UNO for checking it the command sequence part...later i plan to use it with STM32F4 Discovery, Rpi3, BeagleBone Black, iMX6 Soc boards..Here's my simple code..

Serial.begin(9600); // init UART, BAUD 9600.
Serial.write(0x16); // Display on, cursor off, no blink.
Serial.write(0x0c); // Form feed, cursor to pos 0, line 0, clear display.
Serial.write("Hello Rajiv !"); // Print a string.
delay(5000); // wait 5 secs
Serial.write(0x0c); // clear display, bring cursor to pos 0, line 0
Serial.write("Good Bye...!"); // Print another string.
Date Added: 01/05/2020 by Rajiv Biswas

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