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Ready to Fly Drones (ARF/RTF)


Multicopters are complicated machines. Each build needs lots of tuning and calibration before it flies perfectly, steadily and reliably. Many times making one using a kit can be difficult or in worst case disaster for a newbie or inexperienced user in field of electronics and RC. All the multirotors listed below are complete packages which are ready to fly out of the box. Each includes battery, charger and radio controller. 
Hobby grade copters are tested indoors for basic flying but may need extra tuning by customer. Professional kits includes a full featured flight controller, Power module, GPS, Compass, Telemetry/OSD Kit, Full featured Programmable Radio and are fully tuned and tested outdoors for manual and (semi)autonomous operations. Each copter is tested for flight so you can be assured of a completely assembled and ready to use flying machine.

These are ready to fly kits for aerial photography, inspection, law enforcement, rescue, surveillance and other critical applications where tough, reliable and professional system is needed.

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