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Model : RKI-1090
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Most popular AVR Microcontroller with lots of features.


  • High-performance, Low-power AVR® 8-bit Microcontroller
  • Advanced RISC Architecture
    • 133 Powerful Instructions – Most Single Clock Cycle Execution
    • 32 x 8 General Purpose Working Registers + Peripheral Control Registers
    • Fully Static Operation
    • Up to 16 MIPS Throughput at 16 MHz
    • On-chip 2-cycle Multiplier
  • Nonvolatile Program and Data Memories
    • 128K Bytes of In-System Reprogrammable Flash Endurance: 10,000 Write/Erase Cycles
    • Optional Boot Code Section with Independent Lock Bits
    • In-System Programming by On-chip Boot Program
    • True Read-While-Write Operation
    • 4K Bytes EEPROM
    • Endurance: 100,000 Write/Erase Cycles
    • 4K Bytes Internal SRAM
    • Up to 64K Bytes Optional External Memory Space
    • Programming Lock for Software Security
    • SPI Interface for In-System Programming
  • JTAG (IEEE std. 1149.1 Compliant) Interface
    • Boundary-scan Capabilities According to the JTAG Standard
    • Extensive On-chip Debug Support
    • Programming of Flash, EEPROM, Fuses and Lock Bits through the JTAG Interface
  • Peripheral Features
    • Two 8-bit Timer/Counters with Separate Prescalers and Compare Modes
    • Two Expanded 16-bit Timer/Counters with Separate Prescaler, Compare Mode and Capture Mode
    • Real Time Counter with Separate Oscillator
    • Two 8-bit PWM Channels
    • 6 PWM Channels with Programmable Resolution from 2 to 16 Bits
    • Output Compare Modulator
    • 8-channel, 10-bit ADC
    • 8 Single-ended Channels
    • 7 Differential Channels
    • 2 Differential Channels with Programmable Gain at 1x, 10x, or 200x
    • Dual Programmable Serial USARTs
    • Byte-oriented Two-wire Serial Interface
    • Master/Slave SPI Serial Interface
    • Programmable Watchdog Timer with On-chip Oscillator
    • On-chip Analog Comparator
  • Special Microcontroller Features
    • Power-on Reset and Programmable Brown-out Detection
    • Internal Calibrated RC Oscillator
    • External and Internal Interrupt Sources
    • Six Sleep Modes: Idle, ADC Noise Reduction, Power-save, Power-down, Standby, and Extended Standby
    • Software Selectable Clock Frequency
    • ATmega103 Compatibility Mode Selected by a Fuse
    • Global Pull-up Disable
  • Operating Voltages
    • 2.7 - 5.5V for ATmega128L
    • 4.5 - 5.5V for ATmega128
  • Speed Grades
    • 0 - 8 MHz for ATmega128L
    • 0 - 16 MHz for ATmega128


Datasheet ATMega128

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Most popular AVR Microcontroller with lots of features. Features High-performance, Low-power AVR® 8-bit Microcontroller Advanced RISC Archi


saikat mondal
5 of 5 Stars
is that chip is authentic? i have problem to program it with usbasp. -------- The chip is original. You need to use different pins for ISP programming. See datasheet for the same. The general pins used for programming MOSI, MISO, SCK & RESET will not work. Use PDI, PDO, SCK, Reset to program using ISP. Also make sure you have given proper power supply.

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