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Bluetooth + USB 16 Servo Motors Controller


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Model : RKI-1205
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Bluetooth + USB 16 Servo Controller is variant of our USB servo controller for wireless applications. This device can be operated wirelessly on Bluetooth or through USB connection. This also means that it can receive signals from any devices like PCs, Laptops, Mobile phones with Bluetooth and Java, Android and windows smartphones etc. Its is ideal for making PC based systems which run over Hobby Servo motors. The software helps to develop the complex sequences in real time on the hardware like robotic arms, walkers, bipeds and any other servo controlled system. The compact module measures just 80 mm X 47 mm, and it offers both USB and asynchronous serial (UART) connectivity. No features are compromised for the small size, as our USB controller supports independent speed and range settings for each servo while delivering 0.5-microsecond resolution for smooth output across its broad output pulse range of 200 through 2400 microseconds.

This product can be used with any Windows OS including Windows 7 & Windows 8 till Windows 98. PC needs a USB-Bluetooth adaptor which is optionally available.

This product includes an advanced motion control software which can also be downloaded from download section in this page. This software allows easy programming and sequencing of all servos. All servos can be operated individually or simultaneously. Software also has support for functions which are triggered by mouse clicks and Keyboard shortcuts. All servos have settings for minimum and maximum limit, center and home position, reverse or normal direction, servo idle during functions and enable-disable settings.

With its Bluetooth, USB and UART interface, the servo controller can at first be used with a PC to quickly develop motion sequences with the advantage of graphical interfaces and quick program changes. For projects without dedicated PCs, such as small autonomous robots, the final motion sequences can then be controlled by another microcontroller by sending simple UART commands.

With the trend toward removing serial ports from new computers, the Robokits USB 16 Servo Controller provides one of the most simple, small, and economical alternatives to standard serial servo controllers.


  • Control 16 hobby servos from PC and Microcontroller
  • Dual USB and UART interface
  • Independent range setting for each servo
  • 0.5-microsecond resolution
  • 50 Hz update rate
  • Small size of 80 X 47 mm
  • Plug and Play, Auto detection of hardware
  • Easy to use software
  • Servo sequencer with speed, delay, goto and many other features
  • File save and load options
  • Home and neutral position setting
  • Easy to install USB driver and Application software
  • Capability to export sequence to Rhino Control Board for controlling servos without PC



USB Servo Controller Software - Requires .net Framework 4(2.12 MB) :: USB Servo Controller Software Incl. .net Framework 4 (50.24 MB) Version 5.7, Date :  10th May 2013
USB Servo Controller Manual
Sample Program for Servo Controller Software







  • Model : RKI-1205

Bluetooth + USB 16 Servo Motors Controller
Rs. 2200 In Stock
Bluetooth + USB 16 Servo Controller is variant of our USB servo controller for wireless applications. This device can be operated wirelessly on Bluetooth or throu
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